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Michael Nicholson - IEEP UK Head of Environmental Policy

Michael Nicholson

Head of UK Environmental Policy

The UK is in a critical phase both in the creation and implementation of key environmental policies and targets outside the EU and in the development of policies to deliver the NetZero commitment by 2050. To meet targets set already and those due to be adopted it will require an active and sustained programme of policy development.


We believe that this programme needs to be taken forward with effective policies and sustained investment plans; and within a much stronger devolved framework for environmental issues, with stronger mechanisms for cooperation and coherence at the UK level.


With over 40 years of experience, we have unparalleled expertise in shaping and implementing UK and European policy. As a non-profit without core funding, we are proud of our independence and generate funds from a range of sources.


However, we are often limited by funds to pursue ideas that we generate or be able to respond to the requests that we receive. We cannot participate in all the policy debates, advisory groups and urgent initiatives that we think are important.

We therefore welcome support from all parties with an interest in the future of the environment – foundations, charities, governments, NGOs, responsible corporate sponsors and individuals. There are many different ways that you can contribute through donations, funding new and existing projects or dedicated events.



Read IEEP UK’s Honorary Fellow Nigel Haigh’s book “EU Environmental Policy: Its Journey to Centre Stage” on Routledge. Nigel has been, and continues to be, a leader in European environmental policy since his days as IEEP Director in the 1980s. This book is a valuable resource for academics and scholars as well as professionals and policymakers in the areas of environment and sustainability, politics, international relations and European affairs. Each purchase contributes towards IEEP UK’s work and ensures support towards our projects for the environment and sustainability.