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Peter Hjerp Associate

Peter Hjerp

IEEP UK Associate

Peter is the Director of Ecocentric and a Senior Associate of Air and Space Evidence. Before setting up Ecocentric in 2015, Peter worked as a Senior Policy Analyst at IEEP for over 15 years.


Peter has conducted around thirty UK transposition and implementation studies for different DGs and the European Parliament, as well as written reports about the evolution of EU’s regulatory agenda. He has a solid understanding of the regulatory approaches in UK’s devolved administrations and has provided guidance on environmental governance for these. Peter has also a well-established reputation in environmental assessments, contributing to the Handbook on European and International Experience of Strategic Environmental Assessment.


Peter has been a member of the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum and the Evaluating Policies of Sustainable Development network. He holds Master’s degrees from London School of Economics and Aalto University.


Specialist subjects:

Environmental law, Better Regulation, environmental policy integration, environmental assessments, chemicals, EU Funding Instruments, waste policy, climate change adaptation and ecosystem services.