IEEP presents evidence at UK House of Lords for maintaining an environmental watchdog post-Brexit

Martin Nesbit, Head of Climate and Governance and David Baldock, Senior Fellow at IEEP spoke at an evidence session of the House of Lords’ Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 Committee on 28 November.

The session focused on the concept of a post-Brexit environmental watchdog and the ways it could be funded.

“UK, European and global experience is littered with experience of environmental bodies set up in a flush of enthusiasm, which are then progressively starved of funds as their advice to government becomes troublesome. Assuming we get an agreement with the EU27, there will be a list of conditions we have to meet and being able to demonstrate a credible monitoring and enforcement mechanism domestically in the UK might make it easier for the EU27 to accept that there isn’t a role.” – Martin Nesbit, Head of Climate and Governance, IEEP.

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