IEEP UK Divergence Newsletter | May 2024

When IEEP UK started out tracking and analysing EU/UK and intra-UK divergence in environmental policy in 2021 we always thought that there was going to be a lot of policy and legal divergence coming down the track – and so it has come to pass. This edition will look at some of the key green laws that have been enacted by the EU before the European elections in June. 

The Green Deal has turbo-charged the EU’s legislative drive, towards net-zero emissions by 2050, and the outgoing Parliament has been keeping busy in the run-up to the elections to finalise as many files as possible while still active. Amid concerns after the EU Council’s priorities for the next five years dropped environmental considerations down in the pecking order, it has been a real show of effort to ensure that as many of the files remaining in the pipeline as possible have finally been brought into law. 

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IEEP UK Divergence Newsletter | May 2024

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