IEEP UK Event | Divergence in EU/UK Biodiversity Targets

To date, the EU has agreed a set of non-binding biodiversity objectives and actions in its Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. Central to this is a new nature restoration Regulation (Restoration Law) proposed by the European Commission with legally binding restoration targets for ecosystems habitats and species.

Within the UK, consultations have been conducted on proposed legally binding biodiversity targets in England, and on non-binding targets in Northern Ireland. Targets are being developed in Scotland and Wales, which are to be legally binding in Scotland, and have been recommended to be in Wales.

Thursday 22 September 2022
14:00-15:30 (BST)
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This event examined and discussed emerging biodiversity targets within the EU and UK. An expert panel will offer perspectives from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and then there will be a general, open audience discussion on the main areas of divergence and possible divergence and the implications of this going forward.

Photo by Tomas Robertson on Unsplash

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IEEP UK Event | Divergence in EU/UK Biodiversity Targets

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