IEEP welcomes WiseEuropa to Think Sustainable Europe

Launched in 2019, IEEP’s membership network Think Sustainable Europe provides policymakers across the continent with sound, science-based analysis, and recommendations. Currently active in 9 European countries, and further expanding, it serves as a platform to share insights, experiences and areas of expertise. WiseEuropa is the latest member to join the network.

WiseEuropa Institute is an independent think tank based in Warsaw, undertaking a strategic reflection on European politics, foreign policy, and economy. WiseEuropa works to stimulate and inspire public debate on the future of Poland and Europe. WiseEuropa’s mission is to improve the quality of Polish and European policymaking as well as the overall business environment by promoting the use of sound economic and institutional analysis, independent research and evidence-based approach to impact assessment.

“Think Sustainable Europe allows its members to exchange the national perspectives and react more rapidly to shifts in European-level public debate and policy landscape. We believe that by strengthening collaboration with our colleagues across Europe, WiseEuropa may support the development of sustainable policy frameworks in Poland more effectively”, said Katarzyna Zwolak, WiseEuropa’s Executive Director.

In the years it has been active, Think Sustainable Europe has held several high-level meetings with EU institutions, provided recommendations and analysis of major policy files and proposed the creation of an independent, green recovery scrutiny board to ensure a sustainable transition from the COVID-19 pandemic. Within IEEP, Think Sustainable Europe is also the engine behind Think2030, a nonpartisan, multi-stakeholder platform of policy experts from civil society, international NGOs, and the private sector. Since its creation in 2018, three conferences have been organised. The next conference edition will be held in 2022 under the auspices of the French Presidency and hosted by IEEP’s French member IDDRI.

To find out more and discover how to join the network, visit the website or contact Mattia Bonfanti.

© Photo by Pawel Tadejko on Unsplash

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