Natural Resource Policy Framework Analysis of Defra

AUTHORS: Simon Turner-Andree Carter-Andrew Farmer-Joe Morris-Andrew Angus

In order to help Defra develop a more strategic approach, an understanding is required on how the current policy framework delivers its vision for the natural environment. As a result ADAS, IEEP and Cranfield University undertook a study which study has: identified all the relevant UK policies, which may have an impact on the natural environment and identified the relevant Government Department, agency etc which has responsibility for their implementation; provided a strategic overview of the relevant policies and activities for their effectiveness, their interaction/duplication and identify synergies, conflicts and gaps which arise from their implementation in the context of social, economic and environmental factors; identified if the framework and targets will deliver Defra’s vision including their impact on the ecosystem services; determined whether or not the framework is sufficiently robust to adapt to future trends and pressures.

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