Towards a 7th Environment Action Programme: potential options and priorities

The discussion on the future strategic framework of EU environmental policy – the 7th Environment Action Programme (7EAP) is still at an early stage. To date, the debate has focused on whether or not to have a 7EAP rather than on the more specific content and structure of such a Programme. Now that this debate has been resolved and an indicative timetable set out, there is a need to focus on what is actually required of the 7EAP.

As a contribution to this on-going discussion, IEEP has produced a policy paper on the options and priorities for the 7EAP. This paper provides a brief overview of the current policy landscape, recapitulates some arguments on the role, purpose and added value of the 7EAP, and discusses different options for a leading theme of the 7EAP, potential priorities, and means for delivery. This paper is developed as part of a policy dialogue process dedicated to discussing the future strategic framework for EU environmental policy and the role and purpose of the 7EAP. For further information on this process, please contact: Axel Volkery or Sirini Withana.

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