Welcome Package Environment

AUTHORS: Sirini Withana-Kristof Geeraerts-Marc Pallemaerts

The Welcome Package focuses on issues in the Environment field. It first provides an introduction to EU environmental policy and how it has developed over time. The introductory chapter sets the context for what is discussed in subsequent chapters. The second chapter focuses on major legislative measures proposed or adopted in the period 2004–2009 within nine selected thematic areas which constitute the most sensitive sectors covered by the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. The third chapter provides suggestions for issues which MEPs may wish to raise, bearing in mind the main priorities and challenges related to the environment facing the EU in the next five years and beyond. The note also provides a list of possible legislative ideas and suggestions based on previous initiatives of the Parliament. Chapter 4 reviews the implementation of 10 items of legislation which have been selected across the key areas of EU environmental policy. Chapter 5 contains a series of strategic overview maps (SOM) which provide an overview of key upcoming deadlines and the implementation status of environment legislation in force as of 31 May 2009. Finally, chapter 6 provides a list of all existing studies, briefing notes and workshop material that have been requested by the Committee and provided by Policy Department A in 2008.

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