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Mattia Bonfanti IEEP

Mattia Bonfanti

Network and Governance Manager

Working Groups

The Working Groups of Think Sustainable Europe were established to share knowledge, gather intelligence, and build capacity across the network, with a focus on four pillars of the Green Deal.

CAP, Food and Land Use

The Working Group on CAP, Food and Land Use Is led by IEEP and gathers nine other members: IDDRI, IISD, BC3, SusDef, AMO, The Green Tank, Ecologic Institute, SEI, and TMG.

Fit for 55

Led by IEEP, this working group involves IDDRI, CENSE, SusDef, the Green Tank, SEI, BC3, IISD, Ecologic Institute, Wise Europa, EnergiaKlub, AMO and IEEP.

Circular Economy and Material Footprint

The Working Group on Consumption, Material Use and Circular Economy is made up of seven members: IEEP, BC3, CENSE, the Ecologic Institute, IISD, SusDef and SEI.

Biodiversity and Natural Capital

The Working Group on Biodiversity is led by IEEP and gathers the Ecologic Institute, BC3, the Green Tank, AMO, IDDRI and CENSE.

Latest news

On 18 July, the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) comes into force. It replaces the earlier, 2009 Ecodesign Directive, and establishes a framework for ...

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